Getting Started

Freewriting is letting yourself go and writing down, without stopping, anything that comes to your mind.
You are given a choice of one or more photos to choose from every two weeks, the first and third Friday of each month.
You will then write in your own style using poetry,Haiku poems, short story, fiction or non-fiction to express what inspiration you gathered from the photo.
Post the entry in your blog but always leave your Link here as well as a Link back to our Writers club. Here is an example. >The unexpected.... < All entries will be posted for others to share in your writing expression of the photo you have chosen.
This challenge is an open challenge to all who love to write. We seek readers as well as new writers.
For many of us, writing is like sneezing. We have to do it. For other's it is a learning experience for self expression.
Join us in The Write Words, show us your best and do it as only you can.

Questions? Email us.

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Wenda said...

What a great idea. I'm not committing to joining the club,at least not yet, but I think it's a great idea.

Spencer said...

Thanks,Chris,for the invitation. It is exciting but I will enter slowly. Smoothered with work right now but will participate.

Bless you

Anonymous said...

Christina invited me but I can't do it. I SO support you, though, and thought of y'all when I saw this quote (from David Lehman) in the latest AWP Chronicle: "I love giving myself assignments, and when I assign something to a class, I usually do it myself. Two weeks ago everyone (including me)wrote a 'fuck you' poem. Last week we all had to write a seduction poem designed to get someone to want to go to bed with you;..."

If there's any way in the world y'all can get your hands on the latest copy (feb 2006)issue of AWP Chronicle, do it. It's $4.95 and worth every penny. I don't read every issue cover to cover and sometimes toss as much as half of it. But this issue is cover-to-cover fabulous.

Not sure if it's available on news stands or book stores, but you can get it through awpwriter.org.

Good luck, y'all, and yo, Red, I'm pimping "Why or Why Not" just as soon as I get off BlogBreak. ("Pimping" is Christina's word. Blame her.)

Currently on vacation from:

Kimberleigh said...

I would love to be involved! You can visit my blog and see if I'm "word" worthy! lol I breath words!

akhil said...

I'd just love it to join you all in on this.

For me, "Creativity" is the key-word.
Find me on my Blog!

Clockworkchris said...

I have been trying for a week now to join the club and after 3 emails and several comments I am getting the impression no one reads comments or emails. Who really runs this site?

writerwoman said...

I'll give joining a try. It sounds like a lot of fun to get to know new writers.

Nancy said...

Thanks so much for the invite, TJ....I'd be one of those who are going to take a stab at self-expression. I used to do some creative writing YEARS ago....this might be good for me.
The "rules" confuse me a bit though.

I'll have to clarify with ya!