But do you know its killing me?...

I have wanted to write for days now ....

And have started a million times....

But each time the words fail me ....

And nothing seems to rhyme ....

If I ripped out my heart and you held it ....

Would you be able to feel my pain?....

Could you see that it is breaking? ....

Could you tell it just isn’t the same?....

If I pulled out my brain ....

And placed in you hands ....

Could you see the worry and doubt? ....

Could you understand my confusion?....

Are the need that I feel to scream?....

I know that you are grown now....

That you have a family....

I know you’ve made your choices....

And invited the demon in....

Yet I feel somehow I failed you....

That there was something I didn’t see....

Yes you know you have an addiction....

But do you know its killing me? ....


Love is...

Feelings in color
blues, yellows and reds
qualia as an evening sky.

From raging and tender
from the past to present
intense sometimes ineffable.

Love is an experience
a passion or flirt
from which we grow.




NOT MY USUAL ROUTINE [prompt by poem a day ]

Swimming in a sea of blue

Stunned by the moment

I could not help but notice

the difference is the details.

What I thought was an oyster

turns out to be a pearl.

Anyone else? A not my usual routine write?

Polly Anna’s surrogate penis.

She’s feeling freedom
As if she has open a birdcage freeing a soul
or like the opening of a angered fist.

Hearing bumps and tattles
from with in her homes walls
She no longer hides in closets.

Courage placed on the nightstand
The darks no longer have shadows,
The voids have faded and disappeared.

No longer afraid but connected
Much like pieces of a puzzle that float down into place
the whole picture appears.
Her mind is at peace.
She drifts into sleep.

Polly Anna’s surrogate penis.

Prompt: friend who lost her husband gets her CWP. and buys a new gun.


Catch a ride...

When your creator calls…

Posture tall
Gather your strength
Turn your face
Forward into the winds.

Breathe deeply
Filling your lungs
Find courage
Hidden in fear.

Spread your wings
Scream a silent cry
Eyes wide open
Fall into a glide.

Pass over gray clouds
You are free to go
In your last moment
Catch a ride on a rainbow.


The Trouble with Monsters

The trouble with monsters
isn't the claws
or even the fangs.
The growling at night is
worse than hearing
someone snore.
I hate sweeping shed scales from
underneath the bed.
Cleaning slimefrom the closet floor
is worse.
Just once,
I wish they'd tear
the blanket from my face.
It couldn't be worse than
the spoor.


The Appearance of Love

There were times when being forced
to participate in relationships with men
which had the appearance of love
didn't seem like rape to me
as they savagely ravished my entire being
disguising it behind romantic notions –
just another way, I was told
to safely explore their emotions

In my excitement as a child
with fragile thoughts it took me a while
To confirm the absence of love in these encounters
as hands beat my body black and blue
to make me produce
My mental survival depended on
putting distance between what I saw as me
looking through the windows of their eyes at my body
and yielding until I grew old enough to fight back

My elders, who saw my abuse and turned away
witnesses to the rage on my abusers’ face
still I was forced to stay in that place - called home
surrounded with family, all alone

When I had children I declared
that they wouldn't live in such a nightmare
they would be able to live and be free
of abuse, unlike me ---
they would know real love



In the beginning,
there was the word.
And then there was the exit,

"I want" preceded
the crying babe,
leaving one woman
with empty arms
and another filled.
Both done and undone
by the word.

My genesis,
from the word I came.
To the words
I grow.
Such haphazard creation,
who knows what the word
will bring.



Nostalgia-acrostic challenge


· Nobel I stand
· Offensive against offerings
· Sickened with pain
· Tormented by visions
· Always looking back
· Longing for loved ones
· Growing impatient
· In words not expressed
· Anger torments me within.

Thank You Amias. That was fun.
Anyone want to write...
[photo is mine]


Haiku-My tomorrorw

His eye upon mine
The beautiful and the true
touched my tomorrow.

photo credit: my parents hands photographed by TJ 2009

I come from..

I am the unanswered question
Spawn of life
Coming from disciplines un-harnessed.

From animated matter
a normal miracle of conception,
under perfect physical and chemical conditions.

I was the infant unknown
A child to be,
a woman someday in time.

I am the emergence of biological complexity.
I am the first born child, I came from young love.

[photo credit:www.inter-disciplinary.net]



· Ceremonious sacrifice on
· Oncology’s floor
· Ushers urgency for this
· Raging young bore.
· Amenable cancer unwanted
· Gate crashes his brain
· Elevated up terminal stage four.

join us if you will

Super Hero...

Messy face, uncombed hair
Hotwheel cars, everywhere.
Works of art on grama's wall
Little artist, not so tall.
Wears a bath towel, for his cape
Super Hero, we think you're great!

Butterfly kisses -Grama


Dancing With Promises

When night falls, descending from
the stalking winds that plague the day
into the stillness of the night air
evoking wishful thinking

There, rescued from the wilderness
of the mind, cluttered with the day’s
trials and tribulations moving them
gently into oblivion, with promises fulfilled
of love freely given and joyfully accepted

… To dance in the midst of shadows

© 2004 Amias


Acrostic Poetry-PURPLE

Renders done in Microsoft Picture It.
Three photos rendered in layers.
Granddaughter Emily loves PURPLE anything...her favorite color.

· P riceless self-esteem
· U ninitiate critic
· R esonats her song.
· P recious is childhood
· L iving in the moment
· E xuberantly.

Round Robin's Photo Challenges - Topic -Purple is a place for challenges.
Acrostic Poerty Only is a place for challenges.


Loves Camera-Playfull

You are my passion
A keepsake for memories
A part of myself.

Haiku about Passion....
Have one?
Show me yours?



Haiku- Morning's Light Shadow

I'm here with shadow
grandmother found her for me
in the morning's light.



acrostic poem about CONVERSATION

C arefull words of
O mittions
N ervously spoken
V alidates
E levated feelings of
R esent
S stimulating the sence of
A ccountability
T alking truth of
I rreformable
O bivious exasperated
N eglect.

Write an acrostic poem about CONVERSATION and link it here


Off the beaten path -Haiku

Off the beaten path
unatural bridge of small rocks
calm, crystal water.

Haiku poem by TJ
TJ photo of creek close to home.

How to: Haiku
Polish your haiku into three lines, the first with five syllables, the second line with seven syllables and the third line with five syllables. It may take some time and substitution of words to make it fit.

Got one in you?


Dancing Shadows-acrostic poetry

D aring is me
A lway in the spot light
obody knows
C arefully working
I n background
N ever caring
G uess who I am?

ingle moments
H ave little meaning
A lways a challenge
D aring to meet
O nly you would see
ho’s is behind
S uch works of me.

Dancing Shadows....TJ


VETERAN: Acrostic poetry

Voices whispering
each a different story
telling of their journey
eclipsed continously
realities that turn cold
all passed
never want to be forgotten.


Acrostic poetry,by TJ
My photo taken at out Veteran's Memorial Cemetary Feb. 2009


a repose

i recall the day we
laid down on a
blanket of dew
covered bluebells
and wild dandelions

the sun was
just beginning to rise
and the moon was
still visible
in the early light

and your lips
brushed mines like
a flutter of air
i lost my breath
in your smell

that was the day
i laid my innocent
by the wayside
and fell in love
with a dream

© 2002 amias

SUNSETS; Acrostic Poetry

Senses feeling small
Under your majestic skys
Never convinced
Searching for signs
Everlasting life questions
This radiance adheres to Creator of Heaven and Earth?


My Photo taken in Rockport Texas, Jan. 2009


Acrostic Poetry ; Rain

Acrostic Poetry

Rolly clouds
Air quickly changes
Inside plan engaged
Not a moment to soon.


TJ"s Photo Blog entry

A acrostic challenge..for all

Extending a invitation....
to try some An acrostic (from the late Greek akróstichon, from ákros, "top", and stíchos, "verse") is a poem or other writing in an alphabetic script, in which the first letter, syllable or word of each line, paragraph or other recurring feature in the text spells out another message.

Who wants to have some fun??

Hope to read you!


Walk In the Rain

I took a walk this morning
in a light yet cold rain
I had to feel this day
senses have risen again.

This season feels strange
the first one without you
nothing felt just right
thought, walking is what I'd do.

I sensed your spirit
with me the whole time
and your smile made it better
recalled words made it rhyme

I took a walk in the rain
between winter's blast
of snow, ice and sleet
as my senses took me to task

Not quite lonely but alone
remembering back when
from before we were lovers
and just so called friends.

Oh, I needed that walk
this special time of year
wonderful thoughts of you
bring me a bit of cheer.

Del Cano 2008 December


Love And Despair

She lies amid the promises and pillows
on her side, fetally.
Nightdress riding her thigh and haunches,
exposing that which drove him to her.

The scent of her collides with shame
over his nature and acts.
Or was it a dream,
her whispers of sad refusal.

He feels the cold leeching from her hips, shivers,
then joins her to him under covers, encircles her,
his fingers as a snake's tongue, searching, tasting,
the warmth of her breast a chimera.

He feels the cold impaling steel,
dips his fingers in the holy font,
and blesses himself in crimson.

V c2008

Also presented at "To Grow Is To Be Anxious, Exile Edition".


New poem

Dangers and Side Effects

Breakage is unavoidable.

You will bleed.
It is one of the risks
Of ownership.

The pain will overcome you,
You will fall to your knees
and hear it beating,
Altered, scarred but intact.

Yes, the changes are permanent,
But the pain is temporary.
Crying is recommended.

It’s a mercurial muscle.
It can shatter,
and each piece will reach out,
Grab others and pull itself together.

It’s usually bigger than before.

This was also posted at Sorting The Pieces.


Tree with Branches

photo by Sam Worthington
Tree with Branches

Unbalanced branches
reaching out
baron without leaves.

A beautiful pleasure
on my naked eye
to live without promise.

Many writers have come and gone.
I feel our blog has been vacated yet I find so much pleasure going back through the entrys.
Missing your words.. TJ


From Love was born...


My life,
my soul

a book
some pages are torn.

My body,
my heart


natuarally worn.

My spirit
my heart


love's born.

Happy Birthday love TJ