Nostalgia-acrostic challenge


· Nobel I stand
· Offensive against offerings
· Sickened with pain
· Tormented by visions
· Always looking back
· Longing for loved ones
· Growing impatient
· In words not expressed
· Anger torments me within.

Thank You Amias. That was fun.
Anyone want to write...
[photo is mine]


Anonymous said...

Growing impatient
· In words not expressed
· Anger torments me within.

this defines me at times !! i am definitely an impatient person wen it comes to being with my loved ones :)

Amias said...

TJ, I can so relate to this one ... sometimes looking back can cause a lot of pain.

"In words not expressed
Anger torments me within."

If you look at my side bar, on both my blogs you will see I made a link to this blog via the teapot photo, which is so very beautiful, and the color of your blogs is so warm and rich, so inviting!

I should thank you, as you inspire me ... and I so appreciate your support.

Nave said...

Claps !!! a picture of what nostalgia is about :)

Longing for love ones Should this be Longing for loved ones or was it intentional?

Ofira Sephiroth said...

I think everyone can relate to this poem especially the "Growing impatient"

Story Teller said...

Nice write. Where are you? Not seen in Tell A Tale? There is a new prompt and it relates so well. Wish to see you there soon.

Take care and Write On!!

Amias said...

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I thank you all for supporting Acrostic Only, and I look forward to another year poetic interaction.

Happy New Year to you, your beloved family, and readers!