Walk In the Rain

I took a walk this morning
in a light yet cold rain
I had to feel this day
senses have risen again.

This season feels strange
the first one without you
nothing felt just right
thought, walking is what I'd do.

I sensed your spirit
with me the whole time
and your smile made it better
recalled words made it rhyme

I took a walk in the rain
between winter's blast
of snow, ice and sleet
as my senses took me to task

Not quite lonely but alone
remembering back when
from before we were lovers
and just so called friends.

Oh, I needed that walk
this special time of year
wonderful thoughts of you
bring me a bit of cheer.

Del Cano 2008 December


Clockworkchris said...

For everyone here:
wanted you to knmow my blog moved due to some unfortunate circumstances, but I have not stopped writing. For an invite I will need an email address. If you are not comfortable with this that's cool, but it's the only way to keep it private between people I trust online and keep out stalkers and such. Appreciate your support over the years and keep blogging.

TJ said...

I had to feel this day
senses have risen again.
Oh I know this feeling....great words of expression!
Thanks for sharing.
Happy New Year

V said...

Aw, very nice, Del.