#02 By TJ Enticed by hope for acceptance

Enticed by hope for acceptance was the tool that was used for my enthrallment.

I had never understood such perversion of truths, gross imposture of freeness.

Like one cell divided and then divided again you grow in strength destroying all that is healthy so that you may thrive.

Your uninvited incursion to feed off emotional stress and weakness leaves me trembling.
It wasn't until I seen your fundamentals so clearly did I find solid ground to stand on to fight in place where I once cowarded.
Prepare as I am armed with both knowledge and experience to take you on, all of you with strong sense of self.
I will not play the your victim no longer after giving you the best years of my life.
You are toxins and cancerous after my fate. I just hope I found this courage in time and not a moment to late.

Photo Expression #02
[Toxins of cigarettes or could be my female in-laws]
by TJ
Building Courage to Quit.


emmapeelDallas said...

I like this. It's powerful.


V said...

Excellent! Should I join you?
Not an easy Pic to write of!

Red said...

Good luck on your quest to stop! I agree with V this is not an easy picture to write of. Good job.

Tammy said...

It's never too late! How powerful this is and your inner strength is bursting through. I relate to these words on every level. Heck of a good write!!!