Forgive me, please, I needed to include a photo that expressed the depth of my emotions.

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I stand, bent, grizzled, wizened,

face to the gale and the onrushing waves


will this be the time

that I finally cave?

Do I still remember how

to confront the challenges that face me

or will my

memory falter

and prove my end to be?

How fierce the biting pellets,

Icy chips of frigid sea sting my face

(or are those

tears that scour my eyes?)

Whence comes this bitter place?

Beyond me, facing toward

land that seems desperately far away

my other

waits in winging hope

that I will save the day.

Give me strength to carry on

and do the things that must be done before

the cruel wind

and the waves destroy

us both forevermore.



TJ said...

(face to the gale and the onrushing waves.)Powerful entry for confrontation of man and nature.
Makes me think back to what was once told me ..you can"t hang a man who was meant to drown.

Bon & Mal Mott said...

I don,t know where you got that quote, but I love it, TJ.

ckays1967 said...

and to think you hesistated joining...


Tammy said...

This picture does go with your poem. I hesitated to join too, but when pain strikes it can really help.


Globetrotter said...


Hang in there guy! Without a distant shore to sail towards we'd be random sailors without a vision to move towards.

Not much help , I know....

Your words are chilling, strident yet beautiful in purpose. Music in a minor key.

This too shall pass, my friend.

TJ said...

Always if you have a photo for your expression please do post it.
There are no limits here...I think we can all agree to that.