Red's entry for #4

Whose eyes are these that look back at me?
They are not the eyes of yesterday
Whose face is that, it is not mine?
Lines that were not there only days ago
Whose body is this that will not move?
Gone the nimble grace that was once me
What is this reflection that presents for all to see?
It hides the beauty that still resides inside of me
How cruel is time, how blind are we
That it is the exterior we choice only to see.


Spencer said...

As if to ask,

"whose that wearing my skin"
do they tarry where I have been
or can they see deep inside
where more beauty doth reside.

Feeling your views. Good stuff


Tammy said...

I can relate to this on so many levels. Good job!

TJ said...

What a great expression for lost youthful beauty as if it is Here one day and gone tomorrow. Red, you nailed it!

V said...

Wow! This is a beautiful expression of the picture!

V said...

This is a wonderful poem. So much truth for all of us.


Bon & Mal Mott said...

My mirror always surprises me with its distorted image of who I think I am. Well said.