Response To Photo #01

A human, once bitten, suffers the transition to immortality. All of the old stories appeal to a romantic view of the vampire. The bite sends the victim to shock; he awakes as wolf or bat, ravenous, deadly. It has taken hundreds of years for Valmont`s painting to surface; it is, as far as is known, the only artistic attempt to capture that hypnogogic experience. Valmont was the first of the great French artists to become the undead and he spent many years, many lives, wresting the scene from his victims.Through the use of cocaine and torture, Valmont drew from them the unconscious images he was able to paint, the towers of defenses crumbling, the many faces of the fear and lies a human presents to the world becoming mere epherea, the transition to wolfen complete!


Ayn said...

Hmmm ... we're pretty sure you are fibbing here, but just in case maybe we'll need an anti-cocaine pill Dr. V.

"many faces of the fear and lies a human presents to the world becoming mere epherea" (Deabvt, 2006).

Umm by the way ... are you still on cold medicine ... seems to be still having an affect. *Giggle*

TJ said...

What a spin...fear and lies.
Loved it!

Red said...

Dear V,
I do so enjoy your perception of the world of immortals. Those of us that live in the shadows are highly amused....lol just kidding.
Well done! (she says as she steps back into the darkness to await her meal) ~^

Bon & Mal Mott said...

Grand tie-in to your other writing, V!
Bon & Mal

ckays1967 said...

lovely...reads like creative non-fiction.

Tammy said...

I like how you used this to go with your book. I love a picture that visually captures a character.
This picture creeped me out. LOL