Throw Away Child by TJ

Obsessed by desire
stalking everyday
hearing echoes
"Man or a Mouse?"
This is the house
of a lone child at play.

Moments of kind gestures
by a familiar face
he opens the door
with unbearable
lust for her lace.

Heart beating like drums
attack while you can
My god you've done it
you shoved her in the van.
For miles she crying
wanting mommy or dad
I can't stand the noise
those ugly faces
"Shut up you are bad!"

Dirt roads that seem endless
Driven with fear
Pulled over to take her
No one visible
nothing near.
She looks to be broken
and all a mess
Throw her out damaged
little sandal's and her dress.

Someone will find her
She's to little to tell
My first act is over
I am destined
for Hell!
Expression of Photo 7#
True story 1990-
Running late for work only to find a three year old tiny girl standing in the middle of our dirt road , clothes thrown into our 6 foot deep ditch filled with water.
They couldn't be sure if he intended on her landing into the ditch or not.
She was taken from the front yard of her home 55 miles north of us while seeing her sibling off to school on the bus. She was missing for a total of 1 hour and 50 minutes.
The police never gave me any details other then she was okay and reunited with her mother at St. Mary's Hospital. This poem is written as I try to imagine the thoughts ( profile) of a criminal that commits such acts, through the eyes of a criminal profiler.


ckays1967 said...


back to work for me

Tammy said...

Wow! Good poem, scary story!


Bon & Mal Mott said...

I loved it, TJ! Morbidity runs in both our veins!