Bridge of Choice, Maryanne's Take on #7

Bridge of Choice

With trepidation I tread on the bridge
Embraced by dread, escorted by fear
Will my steps falter anew?

Will the trees bend over to stab me?
Long branches like pinions to progress,
How to get to the other side?

Vertigo encompasses my vision
As I stumble on uneven ground
Fear of falling, fear of failing…

I escape the fate of being swallowed whole,
Only to be vomited up
And regurgitated regrettably, again.

Always surrounded by enemies
The trees, their limbs, the air and the sky!
Bearing down attempting to smother me… why?

Pushing me down beneath the planks
Where an uncertain fate
Will envelop and possibly drown me…


I step forward in faith
Holding tightly to hope,
A new found treasure, a lifesaving rope!!

The sun punctures the shadows
Like butter melting on fresh baked bread
Welcoming and warm I swallow this sustenance.

Walking faster now, anxious
Wanting to see more, feel more, be more
Hand in hand with my precious new friend.

The branches reach down from a cerulean sky
Dappled with butter juice they swim
Before this dreamer’s eye!

Like busy bees in a dancing breeze
Leading me through their maze of a hive
I step, I rest, I drink in deeply this heady mead.

The birds warble, the treetops tremor
With the gentlest breeze, a kiss from the soul
Refreshed, encouraged, I move forward with confidence.

The bridge of life is filled with choices
To crawl, to walk, to walk or to trot…
I walk, I fall, I get up and dance.

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  • Inside the Gilded Cage

    ckays1967 said...

    Will the trees bend over to stab me?
    Long branches like pinions to progress,
    How to get to the other side?

    Wonderful imagery.

    Nice twist adding a different bridge at the end.

    TJ said...

    Maryanne you have a vocabulary that flys far overhead. I love your choice of words. I am just as I had hope, learning from all of you as write.
    Great piece.

    V said...

    Aww, Maryanne.
    The first poem is like a dream rendering; the second like resolution.
    These are beautiful images. I can see your need for the 2nd Pic.

    Chris said...

    This was excellently written, Maryanne.

    The vomit, swallowed, vomited again bit cracked me up, though.

    Great job.

    Ayn said...

    From vertigo to see more, feel more, be more ... this is a wonderful leap of faith ... It makes me think of the Wonderful World of Oz when the cameras switch from black and white to color. An impression worth remembering! Thanks!

    Ayn :)