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“Most men would agree that an aging woman is like vintage wine to a few thirsting souls, but more like stale ale to men who prefer a fresher brew.”

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  • Inside the Gilded Cage
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    A May/December Tryst

    As I gaze at the trees so scantily clad,
    I wondered if springtime would make me less sad...
    Could a flowering bud erase any pain?
    While memories evoked an image of rain...
    Like a gentle caress it fell to the Earth,
    Awakening the trees from their frost-bitten berth,
    It was spring but a year that our paths intersected,
    And a flame in his eyes left me quite unprotected,
    It wasn't his fault that our steps couldn't rhyme,
    The rhythms we breathed, syncopated by time...
    For the years between us I dared not have spoken,
    And the vow that I'd made would never be broken...
    As spring turned to summer my thoughts were on him,
    From daybreak to dusk, he captured each whim...
    That hinged in my mind, like a dove's lonely call,
    Or a haunting refrain...summer drifted to fall,
    And that joy that took flight from the wings of my soul,
    Dissolved into grief as my sin took its toll,
    By winter’s arrival my love would depart,
    Leaving crystalline frost in place of my heart,
    But deep in that place where the scars had been laid,
    I'm glad for the pain that knowing him made...
    As the coming of spring brings a promise of birth,
    I'll smile through my tears, as the sun warms the Earth.

    Posted by Maryanne


    ckays1967 said...

    But deep in that place where the scars had been laid,
    I'm glad for the pain that knowing him made...

    yes...I've been there.

    TJ said...

    So So beautiful!
    You have such a way with words...TJ

    Kimberleigh said...

    I think this will remind all of us about the one that got away, or the one that was to never be. We women are human after all and even if our hearts never wander or minds still do at times.

    Globetrotter said...


    It's funny but you always understand my poems!

    This could have happened, because at the time I was feeling really low and unappreciated by everyone, and the opportunity was there. But I'm soooooo glad it didn't and thankfully the crisis passed, lol.


    Kimberleigh said...


    That's because I believe we are Sisters of the Soul. Kindred spirits so to speak. I have found a couple of other soul sisters on the internet that we connected to eachother instantly, we "got" eachother without much explaination. Those are awesome friendships! That is what I love about this writing club, it seems we find it much easier to let our guard down here and express ourselves a lil deeper than in our other journals. I'm loving this! lol

    Tammy said...

    Maryanne, this was absolutely beautiful. I so related to these feelings of my past.


    Bedazzzled1 said...

    You weave your magic spells with your words, my dear Maryanne. And as the others have stated, we can all relate to what you have expressed in this poem. Some of us might even still be harboring the temptation.