"Momma?", his tiny little voice cracked within his growing body, "What is the color of God? Is it white? Gold, maybe?"
His feet dangling, swaying, as only a child can do.

"I am not sure my dear lad. Whatever that color shall be, remains to be looked forward to. Later, much, much later for your youth will not know. It is for when we are brittle and heavy with years." Her tone even and soft, as she speaks to the child. Meandering about the wooden floor, tending to daily chores.

"Is it yellow or silver Momma? Blue?", looking up from his busy task at hand, "Yes, blue."
Stopping to admire his trance of thought, "My child, God is what you feel. The colors within your heart. If that is what you see, My child, then that is the color of God."

She moved closer to the boy, to see what he was drawing. His face intent to create his answer.
"I see with my heart and feel with my eyes", his voice even more somber and his hands feverishly working, "There is the hue of Gold, not for material riches, it is for the riches we are given each day. There is silver, that sparkles like the sun on a bright summer day. Oh and blue and green and even humbled reds."

Her heart filled with warmth,"If those are what you carry in your heart."

"Oh they are! They are Momma! I shall draw them for you here and now. I want to share them and all the people will see."

"You will my child. You will."

Jodi O. 2006


Red said...

::Big Grin:: Said as only you can. Wonderful!

Tammy said...

This touched my heart! I loved it, but who wrote it?

Great Job!

Jod{i} said...

Sorry Tammy, Lil' old me wrote it...Thank you!


ann marie simard said...

Hi another lil-old me /you Jod{i}!

I always call myself that way. Funny.

I loved this because it's true - it seems I only like the true blue brand of texts that seem right .

All the colours - the one/s you see!

Ann Marie

ckays1967 said...

I wrote a poem two years ago called God's colors...

this reminds me of the poem....


TJ said...

Such should be for every mother child relationship. This really warms me.

Bedazzzled1 said...

WOW! And another WOW!