Moonlight and Slumber

It is by the light of the moon, I watch you slumber
to steal another look for the boy hidden in the man
I loved and married long ago.
With my hand resting ever so gently on your chest
I feel the rise and fall of each nights breath
my hand pulsates with every beat of your heart.
It is in the memories that drift around while asleep
that I remember our first kiss, our first coupling
how your hands lit my body on fire.
The only thing more lovely then moonlight on your face
are the rays of each new morning sun
sweet dreams my love, sweat dreams
Written by Kimberleigh over at


TJ said...

Now that is excellent! Wow, do I love it!
I am a romantic soul, and yes this is sweet words of a true long love affair.

Kimberleigh said...

Thanks TJ!! I had to come back last night and tweak it just a bit, it wasn't working for me yet, but now I am satisfied.

Celeste said...

Wow. Absolutely loving and beautiful...just love this. ;) C.

Bedazzzled1 said...

It is true what you have written here. There is something about watching my husband sleeping that takes me back to when we experienced all of our "firsts." Perhaps it is the look of his face at rest, no longer consumed with thoughts about work or anything stressful. And that little boy hidden inside is easier to see when the moonlight washes over his face.

V said...

Beautifully Romantic.

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