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She quietly went about her family room, another day untouched by happiness.
In her throat a tightness making it hard to swallow, she clears her throat to answer the phone.
No I am okay. I just want some time to myself,I will call you. "She hangs up the phone and walks down the hall to the bathroom.

Bending over and turning the water on for a warm shower she stands as her nightgown to falls to the floor.
Stepping out of the pile of cotton she climbs into the steam closing the shower door behind her.

Stretching her face up to the spray of water beads that beats against her skin she stops as her tears begin to flow.Dropping to her knees almost as if she was sugar met by water she sobs.

How cruel life can be?
Alone she must carry the burdens from which came to her with so much pleasure.
Alone, a feeling unknown to her for so many years fills the spot that once was occupied with bliss.

She can't see clearly through her tears and all the fog, no longer hears the laughs of the waves from the beach as they come ashore. Her heart appears as damaged goods left on the beach for the birds to consume.

Life as she knew is gone, washed out to the abyss of the horizon as the sunsets, carried off by the tides.
She cries for what will never be as well as what is was.

The phone is ringing again, she won't answer.

Her tears have stopped as she watches the water turn red and stream into the drain.

Hearing the ringing phone in the far distant she whispers, "never has red looked so beautiful before.

"The unexpected period
.by Paisleysky
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My first on line entry for Write Words Writers.
I wanted to get it over here.


ann marie simard said...

I could feel it coming and it does nvt take anything away from this great piece. Clear, crisp, cool, precise narration.

Now I will stop writing.

ckays1967 said...

I remember crying the first time I read this.

This time I expected it.

ann marie simard said...

.... And I remembered a long lost friend, who found herself again.

Because for the 7th time of trying to commit suicide, I said

okay.... C├ęcile, I can't help any more. Go and die. Because if I help ... it won't.

I did not want that. Mind you. It was my very last card. I did not help by being there. And that saved her when I thought I was the one to save her. The only friend.

But No. Not me.

It was - herself. When I got away.

Ann Marie

Chris said...

Very sharp, cutting to the quick. GREAT great post.

The line about laughter of waves but now being left as a carcass for the birds to consume was masterful.

I would write in here but I just don't have the talent of the rest of you.

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Bedazzzled1 said...

So glad you brought it over here to join the rest of your wonderful writings. It belongs here.

marc said...

..as we have the instict to attempt to wash away our pain, we are equally inclined to stand at the shoreline and muse upon the ocean of our sorrow....

how wonderfully expressed!