#4 The Shame of Being Me

Photo #4

My facade has been torn down. I try to hide my nakedness that now all of the world can see. Some look on with pity. Others stare at me with judgement and disdain. The underhanded see an opportunity of which to take advantage.

No longer am I able to hide behind the walls that I had fabricated. No longer am I kept warm from the cold harsh reality of life. No longer am I the writer, producer, and player of this one man show.

I am exposed. My flaws, my shortcomings, and failures are on display.




Submitted by a fully dressed Chris.


Bedazzzled1 said...

Whew! I thought if that was your self-portrait, you were in major need of a "bro" aka "mansierre." ::grin::

I think your interpretation of this picture is wonderful. Love the writer, producer, and player line.

Very, very good job!


TJ said...

Talk about being stripped of all egos and dignity!!
Nail that one!

Super read.

Tammy said...

Bravo Chris! Great expression of this photo, even knowing you have no boobies. LOL

Kimberleigh said...

At least when our failures are exposed it is proof that we tried, we really tried. It is better then never attempting at all.