#5: See...Shell

How quietly the sea soon speaks
Like a gentle lover
Who once poured his soul
into mine.

Waves rushing now
onto the calm of farewell
Whispering to the breeze in an echoing silence
And the seashell roars of an empty tide.

Ah, but I knew you then
as a thundering storm
Growing into waves
of passion,
of purpose.

Now I shrug off your silence
as your absence steals my presence
so much like waves on sand.

My solace is this solitude
I cannot bridge this
though I walk and wander -
I can't not contemplate.
Seas and shells and sand,
castles crumbling:
Should all really drift away?


Oh silent sea -
Barren breathes my lack of feeling
Castles destroyed
Seashells devoid of adventure
I look up -
And still the sun sets.

by Meg
March 2006


Kimberleigh said...

Sometimes after the waves come crashing onto the shore and take what was once sitting there, it leaves something in its place, but to find it you might have to dig a little deeper in the sand. I love the sea, you worked it well!

Orion said...

Thanks Kimberleigh :-) TJ inspired me with her poem below...

Tammy said...

Awsome! It made me sad, but hope was there! The ocean is filled with inspiration and so is our TJ ;)

TJ said...

calm of farewell...
echoing silence...

Liking that.

Group hug!

Orikinla Osinachi. said...

Ann Marie,
I live near the beach and a nature park.

How you have used the elements and features of nature in your imagery beyond their natural significance has added more to the depth of your poetry.

I have been inspired to compose a poem in your honour and already published on my romantic blog.

God bless.

Bedazzzled1 said...

Exquisite. So poignant.