Anticipation #13

A Mother's love begins with conception
A Father's love anticipates the arrival
First born child....a Daughter
Was it love at first sight.....Yes my love!
Second Born Daugher arrives
Was is first sight again my Love?....Yes!
Third born daughter makes her appearance
Again at first sight my Love?....Yes, just as before my Love!
Fourth and final child arrives into this world
A small, noisy boy announces his own arrival
Was it love at first sight again my Love?
No, My Love I did not have to see this baby to fall
in love like the other's..... it was only
to see the look in your eyes
as they told you that you had a son
that was all I needed to fall in love


Tammy said...

Kimberleigh, this touched my heart!
I found it very romantic and loving.

TJ said...

Intimacy,excitement,awe and then a son. This is beautiful.

ckays1967 said...

this is very moving...

I like the way men relate to one another.

Bedazzzled1 said...

While reading this, my mind immediately went to the births of my children. Our son was born first; three years later our daughter was born. SHE was the one who came into this world and was noisy!

Such a sweet and loving poem. Very well-written.