Little Readers Garden Tips..#10 by TJ

Plant foxglove
for clothing
ferns for a bed
tulips for the babies
is what the butterfly said.
They need
Small twigs
some crystals
and cobbled stone
placed in the garden
they will make a home.
Mallow fruits
for the cheese
dogwood fruits
for the pears
Saffron is their favorite
in a fairy feast affair.
If you journey
in meditations
until asleep
in your bed
she will
come to your window
sleepy heads.
TJ of Paisleyskys
tagged: paisley...
Writing and poetry... How to get a fairy to come to your gardens.
written for meg, Emily and Lauren
Love Grama


Tammy said...

Very imaginative! What a beautiful gift to give.


TJ said...

Ahhh Thanks Tammy! I actually did fairy research on this one...don't want to give the wrong information. LOL!
Hugs TJ

Bedazzzled1 said...

You are showing us so many sides of yourself, TJ. This poem is positively enchanting, just as a poem about faeries should be. I love it...a lot. I can imagine it being used in a children's book with lots of tiny and colorful faeries clustered around the words.