Lucinda Brown -Humor by TJ

Lucinda was quite the woman
That’s what we all said.
To escape her temptations
You’d have to be dead.

She would be drunk without edges
Damn near every night
It was hard to deny her
Such a sensual sight.

I ran into an ol' bud
Just the other day
I ask about Lucinda
Here’s what he had to say.

The boys and I ventured
Back to old Vegas town.
We see an old friend
It was Lucinda Brown.

She flaunt her loveliness
As always before
Looking great as ever
Clearly still a whore.

She spotted me in the crowd
And sashayed to my table.
She whispered laughing love talk
Saying I’m yours if you’re able?

Caught in her sweet utterance
as we drank through the night.
That Lucinda Brown
still a most generous sight?
Humor, Writing and Poetry
Lucinda Brown



TJ said...

I thought I would go first with my own picture...LOL!

Hugs TJ

Orion said...

Way to go TJ!

Bedazzzled1 said...

TJJJJJJJJJ...you funny woman! Great poem to go with the picture. Oh, the tales Lucinda could tell, I'll bet.

Loved seeing this side of you!


Tammy said...

This was fun! LOVED that picture! LOL