for all those before me
think nothing of it
not a word mentioning your existence
fall from the tender tongue
i now entertain

the arms
that once held you
keep me in warmth and in mind
the same flesh that caressed your being
now my provocative embrace

and the laugh
which fell upon your ears
with words so witty, so clever
now a deafening echo
for you to recall in mourning
in a slightest passing of thought

and those eyes
that once gazed into your soul
now fixated upon mine
never blink or divert
back into your days of glory

that manhood
merely a memory
a pondering regret
atrophied in loss
negated to nothing.

to have your once beloved
intensifies my pleasure -
the sharing with none
of one:
is to dwell in the senses
hoping never to fail.

Posted by Meg


Globetrotter said...

I'm glad you explained a little bit about the person behind these creative writings.

Wonderfully evocative!


Kimberleigh said...

Being a member of the 2nd wives club I soooo get this!

TJ said...

I am seeing that you have a poets heart and the well for your creative poetry is mighty deep.
WTG Meg.

Tammy said...

I'm a 2nd wife too...you go girl!

Good job!

TJ nailed it in her comment.