Uninhibited....by Kimberleigh

Unihibited I come to you,
the warmth of you smile
still lingers near my heart.
The way your eyes undress me,
long before your hands
that have been worn by time do.
I find pleasure in the feel
of your breath upon my face,
as you take me further and further
to the edge, with the dance of lovers.
Patiently you wait, before joining me
On the other side of bliss.
We lay quietly unlike before,
waiting for our breath to slow,
completely spent with the
abandonment of our love.
Still, my pulse quickens
with the thought of our next embrace!


TJ said...

Still, my pulse quickens ....
OH YEAH! Nailed that one Missy!


Tammy said...

I had to go find hubby after reading this...whew! Perfect!

Kimberleigh said...

Thanks girls........I was beginning to think maybe a lil too risque ;)