What demon...#3

What demon lurks unseen but felt
What battle do you face?
Is it lost before the sword is drawn?
Cling to hope that slips like sand though trembling fingers
Empty comfort, held close
Screaming insanity clutters logic
Fear the sun not knowing what the light will bring
Fight with the possibilities pounding in your head
The unknown looms like a mountain
While knowing may bring no relief
And you wait...

by Red


TJ said...

Fight with the possibilities pounding in your head...oh yeah I do like that!

Always good to see your work Red...

Falconmyst said...

I waqsn't fishing for compliments; but, thank you for them, and for stopping by - I linked back here to this site. Am enjoying what I have found here.

TJ said...

Oh but Dave please do let us know should you ever want to write with us...we love new blood. LOL!

Tammy said...

Great expression for this picture. I related to the words as well. Brava!