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Katie said...

Colours glow with life
embracing the love and light
energy within

writerwoman said...

Picture One

It started with an explosion,
a flash of light killing blue,
and soon the world damn world knew
it was the end... of time.

And so I rushed, ran through the streets, ran wild as the toxic breeze, to get back to your side.

Without surprise you reached for me, as if you always knew, as if this was just a script- the last scene coming true.

The minute stretched, and yes oh yes that minute was divine, then the sun turned coal, and we.. and earth.. and love... all ran out of time.

writerwoman said...

I have started a new project. The aim is to grow a community of poets who will read, comment, link and support each other's efforts.

Will you lend your help?


TJ said...

These are wonderful!!
Let's word rock.

Clockworkchris said...

wish I could say I was keeping up here but I deleted myself as an admin because no one seemed to care about this site-I can't even log in to delete myself as the one who recieves emails when updates or comments are made because I forgot to change it before leaving. The ring leader is supossed to be back in March I think.

TJ said...

Natural colors
intersections twist of heights
sight and seclusions.