X Marks Obscurity

It is I who walks in your mildewed obscurity,

tenaciously enduring life's sultry surprise.

It is I who pursues worn paths in empty shelters,

dodging painful remnants of luminous diamond nights.

It is I who lingers between silent regret andapprehension,

as your heart pounds ever so lightly in mine.

It is I whispering your name with dying breath,

as visions of yesterday swallow idealistic minds.

And it is I who wholeheartedly loves you,

even though your love and adoration has died.

It is I that remembers our tantalizing yesterdays,

and prays for mercy with God's blessings from above.


Delcano said...

Love it and can feel the layers peeling back. Good stuff.


TJ said...

A clear visual in your words.
Loved it.

some chick said...


Somehow I missed this....

TiAnKa said...

Hi, thank you everyone! I think this is the first poem I've ever posted here due to being to darn shy about what I write. Christina I love the photograph you are using now, its the one I took the night of your B-Day party. I miss you so much!



Orikinla Osinachi. said...

The words are are for meditation.