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I shaved my legs for this ....demandnlilchit -Kimberleigh has passed.

Diagnosed with
Stage II Breast Cancer
in July of 2006, it's
now metastized to Stage IV
by April of 2007.Nothing has worked for any
great length of time so far."MIRACLE" and "HOPE' are reallybeautiful words to me right
Remember her words........???
Monday, July 31, 2006
I walked the quiet, neutral corridor
and I responded to smiles with a smile
I entered without a care in the world
I left with the weight of the world on my shoulders......
Mammogram.....as rude as the tech
after she heard the results
her eyes never met mine again
I knew by the fast appearance
of sympathy that replaced her
I hate my job face.........
Ultra sound.... as gentle as the tech
she saw passed the patient
and remembered the person
she slipped quietly from the room
returning with the Radiologist
With his brown eyes looking into my baby blues
he used words like non-suspicious,borderline and suspicious
he added "way beyond" to my "suspicious"
I now not only have two breasts
I have two tumors
two tumors that were not there
just a few months ago...
now they are taking up residence
without a lease....squatters I will call them
Now suddenly there wasn't enough
space in that ultra sound room
Cancer had joined us and had sucked
up all the oxygen for a moment
I wanted Jim more than the oxygen anyway.....
I have cycled through all the emotions already
I see-saw between numb and really pissed off
It's a good thing I'm a warrior
and I can draw from my own strength
I will not walk quietly, I will carry a big stick.
I will not go quietly.
"God Bless you".........tearfully I have cried ..."God Bless You and Yours!."
Love TJ


Big Mama B said...

Kimberleigh, There is Victory,its yours from an event 2000 years ago,at Calvary, and the Miracle Worker rose with Healing in His Wings, His blood is eternal, powerful and Miraculous.He is a whisper away from your quietest prayer, by His wounds you are already healed, stir up faith from your spirit man grab hold in Faith, that which is your due.

Fear negates faith so cast out fear, it too is a spiritual force, but from the pits of hell. Jesus is the Miracle worker,He operates in an atmosphere of faith, your part is to repent of all sins, and ask Him to wipe these clean, ask for help, and have faith, casting all your cares on Him for He cares for you, you are His child and He loves you, ask Him to take control of your life, after all He is the Way, the Truth and the Life, eternal life, and His Blood is full of wonder working power, shed for all mankind for healing and redemption of sins.His word has the anointing of the Holy Spirit, who is the comforter- so get a Bible and read ,meditate and speak out all the Healing Scriptures, believing you receive, and then you WILL see your

V said...

Requiestat in pace.