My Expression of Painting #5 written by Ayn and All

Once upon a time ruled a King and Queen of TaTarnia. The King thought of his wife as always eager to please him. This made for good fortune across his land. The Queen served her Master well, but she withheld from him secrets of her mind. The Queen was interested in securing for herself a place in Heaven, so she sought the council of his Majesty’s Bishop. The Bishop arrived within moments of her neediness. He had been swilling at the royal banquet table. His fingers were yet greasy and his stomach protruded the certainty of many wines consumed. The Queen did not let go her disdain for the rolly polly priest. Instead she said to him, “Let us take a walk.”

The Bishop grunted as he followed in her footsteps. They left her bed chamber and crossed through complicated tiers of chambers and stairs. Finally, they reached her destination. It was an isolated room of stone and mortar with wood beams crossing overhead in a double T formation. “Do you recognize the girl?” The Queen asked. The Bishop saw her tattered rag dress and unreconciled golden locks. “No” he said, and then suggested that perhaps she was an impoverished village trespasser upon his Lord’s grounds and ought to be brought to her knees in shame by means of public debasement. “No,” said the Queen. “This harlot was once a fetish of the King.” She deserves another vestige of my time. She then made vows with the Bishop that this precedent laid only between them. “Of course, my Queen,” you have my utter confidence

The Queen told the Bishop to disrobe the girl. The Bishop did as he was told. Then the Queen placed her royal crown on top a nearby chair and begun the process of releasing herself from her clothing and beads. The Bishop turned himself away from the Queen so he would not make the unnecessary choice of disrespecting royalty. When the Queen was entirely undressed she motioned for the girl to bring her the moth eaten cloth she had worn on her back. The Queen then ordered the Bishop to assist the girl in dressing in the Queen’s finest robe. Although the girl’s head was surely infested in lice, she held the crown before the girl and lifted her arms to place it upon the girls head. The girl dropped to the ground with the weightiness of its obscenity. Again, the Queen gave the Bishop instructions. He was to place the girl on the chair. He did as asked. The girl needed to be held by her shoulders so that the new weight of the crown did not topple her.

After the girl had steadied herself a bit, the Bishop Priest was told to bring the girl with him to the Kings dining table and seat her at the Queen’s throne. She followed in the pair’s shadow. The Bishop and the girl then appeared at the doorway of the mighty table where Lords and Ladies dined heartily on wild beast and pheasant. The King’s table was being entertained by a fast and frilly fingered flautist accompanied by two violins. As one after another diner looked up to see the girl in the Queens costume, the noise of the room started to subside. And, soon all were a gasped and the musicians laid down their efforts. The King who had been occupied personally by the conversation of two jewel travelers was the last to turn to see the debacle. He could not admit his confusion to see at once his mistress in clothing obviously belonging to his wife. He bellowed, “What’s the meaning of this?!” The girl again dropped to the floor in a puddle that she had wet. The King snatched the crown from her head, and ordered her to be immediately disrobed and beheaded by the soldiers who were scraping the lifeless girl from the floor

Several days later the Queen again sat to the left of her King at the royal dinner table. Music and dancing had gone on as before and people were casually ensconced in their pleasures. The Queen laid her hand on the jeweled knuckles of her husband and asked only the question, “How many bell towers in my new church?” It was now a fact that the King was eager to please his wife. It was said, she had a sense of humor.

The Kingdom of Tatarnia
by Ayn's Multiple World
Entry for painting expression #05Topic

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Red said...

Oh one to make me think. Nicely writen. I enjoyed it.

TJ said...

WOW!! Just Wow!

ckays1967 said...

very well written!!!

Wow. I had to read it twice...

Tammy said...

Wow Ayn, that flowed, had a twist and was well written!
You go girl!

V said...

V said...
Wow, Ayn. You did a great job!
Welcome to the club!

..........by a fast and frilly fingered flautist........