A Voice {Jodi's grasp on photo #2

I am here
See me?

Right there.

I am the dark haired girl
or is it the blonde blue eyed boy?

I am the one in the middle
Or is it off center?

My favorite color is red
but I am not wearing it today.

See me yet?
I stand out from the rest
When I stand
On my tippy tippy toes.

I am the one before you
The one who holds your heart
In the nimblest of fingers

I am th eone who whispers
All the darkest secrets
Tickling your ears
When you dream.

I am the one with the voice
And somehow
No one hears me.

You must see me now?

I am the one with the toothless grin
That you stopped to stare
Yet went your own way
Without a word.

My existence, echoes you
Can you find me yet?

Lost within the crowd
I seek to be heard
Just to say
I adore you

You walk by.

I am the one with the strings
That tug
and tug
Only to break
Slingshot me back

I am the one who is blurred
within your thoughts
I am the obligation
Within your realm

I have freckles

Can you see me now?

I am not in a crowded room
I am not in your stressed filled world
I am not your destination.

I am you.
Right here.

See me now?
~~Jodi 2006

*sidenote: I purpose stayed away after I saw the pics as to not influence myself...WONDERFUL everyone!!!


Red said...

Ms Jo,
Your talent inspires me. I love it!
I have so felt just that way in my life.
Nicely said and heart felt.

TJ said...

I felt as if I was on the inside looking out.

ckays1967 said...


Tammy said...

Jodi, great job and very imaginative :)

V said...

Aww, Jodi. Beautifully Done!
I found myself there.

Bedazzzled1 said...

"I am the one before you
The one who holds your heart
In the nimblest of fingers"

I positively love this...all of it.