artists and writers as luminaries

Wishing upon a star just isn't enough.

First, you have to believe in that star, shining in this Northern Hemisphere of my brain, in these latitudes at least, sure, but it has been dead for million years, and more, when you are looking at it. And what hope is there in a dead matter? They are just beautiful because they englobe that mystery of a distance. It is unconceivable for those of us who are not, by definition, astrophysicians, and then again. That's why I prefer, like Mallarmé, the poet, in the idea of a star. "The immediate evocation of an object that emerges before us when we say it." That is closer than metaphors. And his written matter does not die. Unlike gray matter. Unlike the star matter in the sky. He is my

Wishing upon a star just isn't enough.

In a famous moment at Le cercle de Minuit, the Midnight Circle on the French TV, Leonard Cohen told a famous astrophysician, after hearing him, "You're the poet, not me." That's how he read in the discourse on stars, because he is an artist. A poet, songwriter, prosaist. That one artist is my main luminary. A fixture in the firmament. He cannot die, like the other, physical luminaries in the sky, because it's all written, not in the stars though. Oh and yes, he is a star. My star.

Wishing upon a star just isn't enough.

Try the moon, it's easier, but it depends on your mindset what it will do to your mood. This shrink I used to know told me he would get far more home calls at full moon. He'd tell me about Diane, a pianist, too afraid to get out of the house, whatever the time of the day, or her modus operandi of the moment. So he woud go. That shrink was brave. He knew all about arts and literature. We discussed Derrida and Barthes and reading note charts. He did not brush off the idea of sensitive people getting more that way on a full moon. That's why he was able to help Diane to create. He was a star in his kind, for the soft-souled lunatics of his artist and writer patients.

Hang your stars on your creative mental scrapbook as an inspiration. And count your blessings before you go. Thanks to these popular stars yet not quite pop stars thank goodness. Thanks everyone. I am sending you inspiration and thankful thoughts on your way to shed some light of friendship in writing and arts... and stars.

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TJ said...

[That's why he was able to help Diane to create. He was a star in his kind, for the soft-souled lunatics of his artist and writer patients. ] makes a great picture..takes your mind straight into friendships and relationships.

Red said...

Ann Marie,
Welcome and thank you for the beautiful post!

ckays1967 said...


And welcome to the hood Anna Marie, Pass the rum please.


V said...

Beautiful, Ann Marie.

ann marie simard said...


Christina's response on my site was better than this text.

But the friendship and inspiration parts are sincere as anything.

Stars are us. You are.

Ann Marie

ann marie simard said...

Here's the rum Christina Marie, I left some in there... I did! I did! Here!

Ann{a} Marie with a new "a"!!!!