Photo #2 Non-Fiction Writes-Storytelling

I fear Miss Abigail, our teacher and her big branch stick.
I don't want to be here and I am trying most hard not to show it.
I am tired, I stayed awake half the night.
I do believe Miss Abigail can see clearly, right straight through me and somehow she will know just what I am thinking.
I will not look up at her as she sits behind her desk. I fear a glance that may bring any attention to myself.

I will sit here in this study hour and draw pictures of Fido as I picture him playing at the farm.
I am keeping it hidden under the sheet of paper for our assignment of drawing our new President Lincoln.
Not that I don't like our President Lincoln, why he is a fine man.
He's going to set all those negro slaves free, least that is what he has promised. People in the south they disagree with our President but not my father or Mary. My cousin Mary, she says slaves are not to be traded and thought of as hogs, that they are human beings just like white folks.
I don't know much more then that about our President, I just know people says he is a gentleman, a honest man. Father says they lost a child too just like us, only his wife Mary didn't die like our mother, she just went some say a might crazy. I don't know much about that either, just what I heard.
I am only 9 years old and need much space to grow.
That's what father said after our mother died.
Father sent us here far from our family home in Missouri to our cousins in Massachusetts.
I like here on the farm but I don't think my brother Eugene feels much like I do. Mary says that Eugene takes a liking after father much more then I do. I am most like my mother, who's in heaven. When Fido and I lay out in the fields I think I can almost see her in the clouds starring back at me and I like that.
Sometimes I like to ponder and write words that rhyme.
I laid awake half the night trying to come up with a word that I can use in my poem. It's hard to find that right word, that one that will rhyme with a word like drum. Maybe folks would consider that a might crazy.
I don't study like my brother Eugene, I like to write Poems.
I never did write words down like this until we moved out here. I believe it is God's blue sky's that makes me ponder such things, and I shouldn't let it go to waste.
I mainly write about Fido being he is my best friend and all but you can rest assure I am writing more everyday.

Who am I?
I am Eugene Field, an unusual poet. I am one of the few poets who will write only children's poetry. That is how I got my nickname, The Children's Poet.

by TJ
expression for photo 2#


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