Flight in the Sky:Photo #5

If you caught a fragrance
of the unseen,
like angel taking you on flight,
you won't be able to be

contained. Flying like a bird
in the sky,
any beauty the world has,
any desire,

will easily be yours, as you
live deeper in the heart, the
vision gets

clearer and clearer. The
higher you get
you realize God in yourself. When that

happens, you have no more anxieties about
losing anyone or anything. You break

in midair the spells human difficulties cause.
Interpretations of angels come, from

all the symbols and parables and
prayers. You know what they mean,

when you are flying in the sky and
God lives through you.

by derek


TJ said...

Derek this is good.

ckays1967 said...

Derek this is really good...it looks like one you've done before.

V said...

Welcome, Derek.
Top Work!

Red said...

Welcome Derek,
Beautifully written!

DEREK said...

thanks everyone! I look forward to being a part of the writing club.

Tammy said...

Welcome! What a way to start :) Loved it!