Goddess # 9 By Tammy


I hear her speaking softly, like
a whisper in my ear. She reminds
me of my beauty and the needs I
keep inside. She resides in my
sacred temple, nurturing my soul.

She sees me as a glorious creature
of God, that she tends like a garden.
Celebrating my blossoming maturity,
while pulling the weeds of self doubt.

My inner goddess adorns me with
confidence and strength. She helps
my light to shine like a beacon, to
glorify the best of being a woman.


TJ said...

while pulling the weeds of self doubt...WOW! Tammy...beautiful!

Globetrotter said...


This was just beautiful and makes me feel proud to be a woman, too!

Yes, thankfully our inner Goddess is there to pull the weeds whenever necessary!

Bedazzzled1 said...

It seems we have all latched onto that particular part about pulling the weeds of self doubt. It is the perfect expression.

I think your Goddess has done a beautiful job of helping your light shine brightly.

(And you tell me your writing is "green'? Pffft!!!)