Poem for Photo #1, February 1

The lust released,

spent in a fury

of reckless need.

The intimate act

merely an attempt

to fill a void.

An ache for love

the impetus

for their coupling.

Turning away,

closed eyes concealing

the pain of emptiness.


(Sorry this is posted in this spot instead of the February place. I cannot figure out how to place it there. Html ignorance is my excuse.)


Kimberleigh said...

Excellent! First you feel their lust, then their shame then it's as if they go back strangers who pass in the night.

TJ said...

This is good, very good. And it is in the perfect spot!
I love that you share your talents with us.

Globetrotter said...

Join the html Ingnoramus Club. I'm president.

So glad you decided to post this here:)

Chris said...

Excellent entry and a insightful look into the act of unfulfilling lust.