I KNOW this isn't the place BUT I want to let you all know this....

Pam from Headnoise, AOL journals...

This notice was in my e-mail this morning....

Message: 1
Date: Mon, 06 Mar 2006 20:33:31 -0000
From: "Nancy"
Subject: March 6th

Hi everyone...

I just got back from picking up Mom in California. Nick came home from
Hawaii, and Pam's angel of a neighbor came home from her vacation, Mom
knew that Pam would not be alone, and she needed to come home. This
has been very hard on everyone, and I think Mom was close to, if not
*in* a major mental meltdown.

So, on Feb 26th, my sister Linda picked Mom up from Pam's house, and
took her to the town where she lives, and where I picked her up from

On Saturday, Pam's neighbor was over at Pam's, and Pam began to have a
seizure. The neighbor called 911, and Pam was taken to the hospital.
They did a brain scan of some type, and they found two brain tumors
that were not there during her last scan. One of the tumors is either
small enough, or in such a position that they feel that radiation is
the best approach. The other tumor is much larger, and, as I
understand it, is what has been affecting Pam's ability to communicate
- It wasn't just Chemo Brain as we had thought. Pam knows what she
wants to say, but she can't find the right words in her head, and she
is very very frustrated. They have decided that they need to perform
brain surgery ASAP. She was originally scheduled to go in today, but
they have postponed it until tomorrow.

When Pam was in the ER, they found that she was severely dehydrated,
and down to 82lbs. She has been gaining weight every day since she's
been in the hospital, and I'm glad they're waiting another day for the
surgery, so she can be as strong as possible.

I spoke with Pam on the phone yesterday, and she's doing the best that
she can to keep her spirits up - she says that they tell her that
there is a very high chance of success for the surgery. I pray to God
that they're right... I know she's scared out of her mind, and we are
as well.

I will post as soon as I know anything else. As soon as I can.



Tammy said...

I have been updated by her sister's and have been in deep prayer for her surgery. She is a fighter and I am hopeful.

Bless you for your prayer Christina.

TJ said...

Heartbreaking, her struggle has been long and hard.This is so hard...

V said...

Prayers continue.