The Stroll...

Strolling down a path that winds through my soul

Over the bridge where my sorrows run deep below

Listening as the wind rustles through the tree tops

Speaking softly of lessons lived and wisdom gained

The leafs swirl up in a dance, a celebration

A joyous recognition of how far this journey has come

Sunlight warming the way, shining brightly

Illuminating hidden forks waiting to be explored

While the shadows hold quiet, shrouding secrets

Allowing only a glimpse of jewels waiting for discovery

Wandering this trail a respite from the toil and strife

The spirit recharges, breathing in the essence of life

Now ready to face the hills ahead

by Red


TJ said...

The spirit recharges, I like this.

V said...

Red, this is a favorite of mine. Reminds me of Frost. You should be really proud!

Ayn said...

I thought throughout this must be the source and substance of "energy!" Climb up threw and around, but forever forward :)

Great stuff!
Ayn and all

Tammy said...

Our thought's on this seem similar, but yours flows effortlessly! Great job!