they said black and i said white

Truth time now - Was it black, or was it white? The bar was dark and illuminated and many thought the ostriches on the walls were not really ostriches, but snakes. That was a question of perception too. A matter of who was looking.

The man observing them from the next table, not far, thought it was black. Not life as such. But the guy in particular.

"What is a woman like you doing with a man like that? Is he your brother, is that the reason? And that other woman who possesses him?"
That older man asked.

hem, that was us. And they were good questions. "What do you mean, a guy like that?" I asked. "
Maybe he is my brother. Who knows".

"No, he is not. I was trying to figure out what was happening in there. And that was not what was happening".
"You a psychic, or what?"

"No. But I say it is all black in that story. The guy, everything."

I had heard that one before. How many times?

"I say it's white. And he is. What the hell do you know?"

"I say he is crap. Because I am not with you".

That was dark.

And that was when I left.

"It's white" I called out from the door in the dark, in the light.

It left me thinking. I should have said this to the light guy, the white guy, in his heart.

"You have given me very good advice when it comes to me, what really has to do with who I am. Because I was already on that path. The creative writing thing. Research. You know it. Because you know me."

But you cannot know things in my life when it comes to something that is not me.

Truth time now - Is it black, or is it white?

Written by Ann Marie


TJ said...

Interesting.. perpectives of far end choices.

V said...

.............Truth time now - Is it black, or is it white?.........
A question of perception.

Ayn said...

"But you cannot know things in my life when it comes to something that is not me" (Ann Marie, 2006).



Tammy said...

Interesting thoughts pass through my mind. Thought provoking!

Lady M said...

How about bitter shades of gray?

Lady M