In Thought: Photo #3

Sitting on the riverbanks looking about,
I see things in a different light.
It is better to wait and discern the truth,
than to jump to conclusions
and forever be a fool.
Let me step back and listen
as the river waters flow
upon emotions of web-like hatred
that entangles the least suspecting of all.
Remaining silent is sometimes the light,
for it is useless to argue and not know the truth.
The truth is sometimes overlooked
when dissension set in
to warp the mind of a loser.



ckays1967 said...

Remaining silent is sometimes the light

Isn't that the truth....

Nice job Derek.

TJ said...


Bedazzzled1 said...

And I agree with Christina and TJ...that was the perfect line and truth.

Tammy said...

Just being still I often hear my higher power. A beautiful reminder.

Thanks Derek :)

V said...

Well done, Derek!

Ayn said...

I think perhaps the loser here is the one won entanglement in the widow's nook soon to be kamikaze dinner which feeds her drive to see yet another day's giving. Perhaps then, not so sad. Always life has purpose.