Fallen Faith

Close that door of warping wood
Letting in the springtime air -
We don't, I say,
We don't enjoy that here.
That sunshine is for others.

I cup my hands to catch the rays of your soul
But I can't hold.
My body's a sieve
though the holes no longer hurt.

Your once easy energy -
now a mem'ry
faded like a photograph
colorless as rain.

I'd let you die if
it would make me care;
awaken anger,
unearth agony.
Naught but soap opera sentiment
overflows my eyes.

If I could speak,
I'd turn to your rigid gray form
and whisper:
hold me. hold me. hold me.

Posted by Meg


TJ said...

Colorless like rain...Like it!
I swear we both must have hit publish a very very same moment. When I came back to take a peek both of our entrys was here and the same picture.
Touched by the same moment..what are those odds?

Tammy said...

I love everything you write and I'm learning so much from you. Keep going I'm feeding off your words. I just started and would love to come up with lines like these.

"faded like a photograph
colorless as rain"