Forgiveness- By Tammy

I no longer fear you.
You have no more
power here.

Your tongue can not
strike me down with
venomous words.

Your reign of terror
has slowly faded
from my mind.

I am no longer your
daughter, desperately
trying to please you.

I am a warrior who
longs to touch you.
You taught me well.

In death you are free
but in life you have
been forgiven.


TJ said...

I have chills...you have said so much here. Alot of courage to forgive but that is the strength of a true warrior. I get this Tammy,it brings a tear.

Love TJ

Nancy said...

I get this too. It's wondefully perfect.



Orion said...

What a clean, crisp interpretation of the picture - well done Tammy!

Kimberleigh said...

This one struck a cord with me too....more of the trickle down effect...my Brother was my tyrant but I was much to resilient for anyone to hold me back or down for any length of time...yes I too am the warrior! Fantastic Tammy fantastic!!!

Red said...

I know so well of which you speak.
Well done. :O)