Female Manipulation

A reservoir of aberrations
the territory of invasive manipulation,
and difficulties that are transient in nature.
A time of loss, a partial death

female castration
from a female perspective.
Left is the loss of libido,
weight gain,
night sweats,
vaginal dryness,
hot flushes,
fear of aging,
no longer feeling loved
and irritability.
Lost is physical identity,
not the brain
it is not a Sex... organ.
He pushes
take a the magic Drugs...
to fulfill the promise of a cure
against warding off effects
because "the doctor knows best".
expressed by the body,
more impact on body awareness,
bodily experiences and bodily expressions.
Ever changing body....sooner or later.

{{{ Did I mention Mood Swings???? }}}

Expression for photo #12

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Tammy said...

Why? I keep asking. The hot flashes have started, hubby is frightened :)

TJ, good expression of picture :)

TJ said...

Thanx Tammy
Laughing...another mood swing!

Love TJ

Kimberleigh said...

My Husband came home from work one day last year and was taken aback at how many of his buddies are going through divorce proceedings now. It came down to an issue of battle of the sexes.....half the men were about to retire (and the thought of these guys being home day in and day out was a lil too much for their spouses to handle! lol) and the other reason for so many filings?? MENOPAUSE!!! lol The DH asked if he should be afraid........I said be VERY VERY afraid! lol lol lol