The Temptress

Oh, but it is tempting, my innocent love.
I can't tell you how things are changed.
You cannot know,
in your sweet purity,
that what I offer to you is merely
why you summoned me:
We cannot be alone.
The gulf that divides us now
is as vast as when
I was dissembled chaos.
Your choice decides the distance between us.
I longed to draw closer to the Great One,
to know, to understand, to eliminate
that distance I only felt was there.
It can not be spanned,
and I am here,
warm and in your arms.

by Cynthia


TJ said...

Your choice decides the distance between us.

Cynthia this is very expressive. It says alot..thanks for sharing this. I read it twice.
great entry.

Tammy said...

Very nice! I too read it more than once :)Really good.