Sole to Soul / Soul to Sole

Sole to Soul / Soul to Sole
Che'l ciel non e dove non siate voi*

Mine is just the first step
Thus a small one
Dare I fall;
Arms outstretched - Poised erect
Will I, Icarus, soar?

Yours is just the last hand
Thus a large one,
Held in thrall.
Starving – Fasting
Bled and bleeding
Will you, Prometheus, endure?

Everyone should believe in something.
I believe I'll have another drink.
Fortify fear by seduction,
Soothing spirits satiate.

Oh, there were times I'd love to kill you
Times I'd kill to love you too;
Mark now left foot front of right foot
Mark now cadence of the truth.

See us now, Platonic form
Upon reflection, were we REAL?
All alone together -
One foot afront the other
Close the distance:

* for heaven does not exist where you are not (Michelangelo)

Posted by Meg


TJ said...

Sole to Soul / Soul to Sole
Che'l ciel non e dove non siate voi* absolute!
I really held on to some of this...

Falconmyst said...

3,11,13; WOW Love the pics! Bookmarking for more readings...

ann marie simard said...

Hi there all, I've been away... since I took more and more work. I enjoyed seeing your text here orion, I saw it on your site and it is precise and wonderful. Maybe I should get back to posting too. When a poem happens. This one is an event!

Ann Marie