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Hello my fellow WWWC'ers! Poetic Justice has a contest going on..how come I'm the only one on board???

A little competition is a healthy thing!

We've got until midnight tonight!!! Come join me :-)

By a thread...

Upside down and dreaming
I, the Hanged Man have found:
There is a space
between seeing and vision -
There are moments of no measurement:
Seconds or lifetimes pass;
I'll suffer it not.
I'll reach heaven by way of hell.
I'll force fear into faith
In a spacebetween feeling and touch
where I'll learn all pain
is a resistance
to Truth.

I will be a circle.

I will ask to become whole.

Cloaked in chrysalis:
I'll watch
I'll wait
I'll wonder.

And warily, wearily,
the wind whispers:
In order to defy the laws of gravity
You must learn to follow them first.

Posted by Meg


ann marie simard said...

HI! See! Come on in! I sent a mail to everyone! And Meg someone sent in a second entry - do the same! He said I did not limit entries and it's true. I have been had. Come help a friend.

TJ said...

I will have to miss this one...give me a poke for the next one ...

Tammy said...

Congrats on your amazing works!

Big fan!