Reflections Of The Ordinary........By Kimberleigh

Reflections of the ordinary

Do others see what I see?
I see no exceptional face
I see ordinary blue eyes
found in many faces.
I see a small off centered nose
no more beautiful or more grotesque
than found in everyday faces
of other everyday people.
I see a "nothing to talk about"....mouth
lips thinning with the passing of time,
I do see a proud and stubborn chin
but no more stubborn then the next.
I once believed the freckles
found spattered here and there
to be kisses from the Angels
but that doesn't mean faces without freckles
have not been Angel kissed.
Some things found to be beautiful
are just ordinary in another ones eyes,
true beauty is not found on one's face
it is found in ones...... heart

KMH 2005


TJ said...

Redaing your words and Humming the tine to Behind Blue Eyes, The Who.
Good Entry Kim!

Tammy said...

I must say I see beauty on the outside of you too! The inside is always where the real beauty is. Loved you picture and words!