Journey to Heaven

Mountains clothed in gold's
soft yellows
reaching for blue skys
filled with wispy clouds
where the fresh air
the beauty of nature
brings feelings of renews
for health and inspiration.

Sences of enchantment
from careless or indifferent eyes
Intreating me with beauty to behold
stretching out before me.

Hearing some faint message sound
I look into every direction
of the changing hillside,
wrapped in what must be a dream.

This ecstasy seems profound
I linger here in praise
It holds so much of mystery,
like a watercolor of mine own
from my restless heart.

The hillsides clad with evergreen
ferns I've claimed as favorite
no echoes of a life
of hidden hopes
just the show of the soul
and its own desires.

Was it one split second ago
I was looking at Orion and the Milky Way
and all the starry hosts of space
wider realms that lie beyond
our spirit borders?

Then the the dawn of unimagined light–
I have no sense of parting
that brought my mind and body here
into my heavenly acrylic place.


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Photo expression of #4

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Tammy said...

TJ, I loved how you tied the beauty of this painting into your dreams of your love of painting. God is speaking to you through his creation of nature, urging you to paint it. It was one of the gifts he has blessed you with.

Beautiful words from a beautiful soul.

Kimberleigh said...

The mountain calls to me by name, Oh how I wish to be among them again....but this Chicago man I fell in love with holds me here! lol lol lol