There are poems in here
but they won't come out.
I hear them whispering

There were poems in your eyes
in your smile
I hear them singing
serenading me still.

"Oh tell my heart it is not so
your long farewell
your short hello
what did pass was quick, too quick, to go
Oh tell my heart this is not so..."

There's a poem there.

I offer you mine
These words on crumpled paper
calling themselves alive.

And if you laugh
I'll turn and say
it was only
a little poem.

Posted by Meg


TJ said...

I totally got that and witty too.
I liked seeing that side of your writings...

Tammy said...

Since I read your blog, I know where these words came from. I loved it, but I'm sorry for the pain which it was inspired from.


Very moving

Delcano said...

Such precious words
have felt the same way.
So glad I was able
to read you here today.

so lovely


DEREK said...

love your style, couldn't help but smiling all the way through.

ann marie simard said...

Wow this is wonderful, once again Meg. I just read 2 words and knew it was you... and then I read it again and again... witty, indeed, wistful at the end, elegiac throughout.

Ann Marie