Mondrian`s Plight by V

Your Dream,
to be immortal?
Can you make
the sacrifice?

Living on the blood
of others,
often feared
never loved.

Banished by God,
no need of Satan.
Never to see the morn
or measure the sun`s chariot.

Nights spent flying
A woman alone
at night--
shining to me.

I alight,
become a nightmare.

Count Vlad Tepes, Writing to Mondrian, in "Vampire: Book 2 -- 'Carrie' "


Ayn said...

V. Some day I you will have passed away, but I won't believe that you will be gone. I'll search for you in tall dark trees, under house eves, and long rafters. The sound of squeaky doors will make me grimace, and the colors red and black will petrify me. But, otherwise things seem fine :)


TJ said...

Beautiful, Bravo and always wonderful. To live to be imortal seems that obe would grow so lonely, so bored with the absolute of nothing to ever really look forward too...but now more thoughts. You have a way of doing that...

ckays1967 said...


Tammy said...

Powerful words that certainly make you never want to be imortal. I love your work and am always wanting more :)

Thank you oh "moose (male muse)" of mine. LOL