To my best poet friend :)

Ok, remember when I said the V said hi to the sad loon? This is what happened next…

Once upon a time,
Lived a man named V.
Was tickled by rhymes,
About big green trees.

One nice sunny day,
A loon happened by,
To what do you say?
V thought to say hi.

The loon said boo-hoo.
What is the matter?
I've got the blue flu
Couldn't get sadder.

Why aren't you in bed?
Poor sick little loon,
And, out here instead,
With V. the buffoon

Hehehe, but it rhymes V!

Cuz my head does hurt,
My stomach does too,
I surely won't flirt,
Cuz I think it's true,

An apple a day
From the tree up there,
Keeps Doc V a way,
If truly you care.

So up climbed doc V.
Quickly he did move,
To the top of tree
He got in his groove.

But when he got down,
Loon stole Doc V's bed,
V found on the ground,
None up to be fed!

Casie :)


Jod{i} said...

Hee Hee!!!! Love it!!!

V said...

Aww, Casie. This is terrific!
Even rhymes!! Woo Hoo!

TJ said...

Laughing....Casie this is great!