Winged.........By Kimberleigh

Although I am not like the others
for I do not have their fine colors
or their grace as they fly through life
I have only my own quiet beauty
I do not feel the need to flock together
for I am happy in my own company
surrounded with my own song
even if no one hears my voice
I have been given wings to fly
to take to the sky and soar high above
I do not need to follow in the paths
left long ago in the sands
I find respite between flights
to view the earth as it is
down were the ones without wings
Only dare to dream, dare to soar
kmh 2004


TJ said...

Soar...how perfect!

Globetrotter said...


This was incredibly beautiful! A piece about confidence, and peacefulness while listening to one's own drumbeat. From another who beat's to her own drum, I loved it!


Tammy said...

I loved this!
"I have been given wings to fly to take to the sky"

I keep forgetting to fly. I needed this reminder :)


ann marie simard said...

This is just... perfect! Agree with TJ. The form is so elegant and simple yet it has silent power... like it a lot!

Spencer said...

And you do soar
but you are never alone
for when you spread your wings
I am often tagging along

So lovely