Forever Love....By Kimberleigh

Are you the tear
that is silently falling
down my face?
Or are you the one
that gently wipes it away?
Are you the one that holds
tightly to my heart?
Or are you the one
who breaks it unknowingly?
Are you the hand that
seeks to take mine?
Or are you the one
who lets it slip away?
Are you the soul mate
I've been searching for?
Or are you the one
only here for the moment?
Are you my forever love?
Or the one that
denies me?
time has answered
every question
you are
my forever love!


heathergirl said...

This is beautiful and I am glad that I stumbled upon it....thank you...

TJ said...

Kim, you need to tuck the deep under in his underwear drawer...just never know when that could be a treasure to be discovered...beautiful.
Love TJ

Tammy said...

I really love your poetry. Your love poems fill me with gratitude that I am experiencing a great love in this lifetime. Your words are even more powerful after reading your blog. Excellent!

Spencer said...

I followed each word
to where you would allow
while I am recovering from joy
why don't you take a bow.

Good stuff