Revelations by me

When you find yourself doing
What you said you would never do
Then you have lost your sight
And are searching to hard
Outside of you
For someone to complete
What really only you can do
Find the one inside
And be happy
With what is you

When you're hurting others
For your own protection
It opens in your wounds
That does't heal with words
Or sorrow filled expressions
For you can't take back
The damage you do
In a moments indiscretion
it stays in the memory
to continually abuse
It makes you realize you're someone
No one would want to be
Leading to shock and disbelief
Anger, frustration and self-pity
And you think, pretty righteous, I am me

And what direction you take
(after revelation)
Will determine the one you will be
Make the effort to change - or
Disappear into self
And be a bane to society.

by derek


Tammy said...

Derek, this was powerful and profound. I have had a few of these moments in my life and it always made me change. Bravo!

TJ said...

[ Find the one inside
And be happy
With what is you ]
We will always remain a mystery...even to ourselvs??? Won't we???
Your words come from a deep well of feeling Derek. Great to see you posting.


writerwoman said...

Interesting! The last line was a nice turn of phrase.